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To our New and Returning Customers: We only offer the Best, Longest Lasting LED in the Market! Typical Holiday use will bring years of Flawless Beauty and No Fuss Convenience.  Full Three Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Christmas Lights


Christmas Light Bulbs

LED Christmas Lights, Full Wave, 70 to 100 LEDs per Set - Mini Lights, Rice Lights, Berry, C7, C9, Icicle, LED Net Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights

Replacement LED Light Bulbs C7 Bulbs, C9 Light Bulbs in Static-Opaque-Twinkle - LED T50 Patio Lights and G20 Party Light

Wedding Lights

LED Wedding Lights


led Icicles

*NEW RGB LED Light Strings

Wedding Lights, LED Cool to the Touch, Green and White Wire

Take Control of your Christmas Lights with New RGB Light Kits - Basic - Remote and WiFi Controlled

led net lights


led snowflakes and spheres

LED Net Lights and Tree Wraps, LED Rope Lighting is great for Stairways and Displays use Tree Wraps for Uniform Tree Trunk


Unique LED Snowflakes and Round LED Spheres in Different Colors, Great for Christmas Parties and Outdoor Displays

tube lights, rain curtains, icicles

commercial led

LED Light Tube look like Falling Stars Makes an Awesome Display

Professional Pro Grade Commercial Outdoor LED Lights, for Windy and Icy areas, 25 LEDs per Set - Mini Lights, Berry, Wide Angle, C7, C9, G12

Clips, Cords Timers


LED Lamps, Bulbs, Par38, GU10, Br20, led tubes

Lighting Clips, Hooks and Hangers, Extension Cords, Socket Sets, Spools of Wire, Controllers, Timers and other installation products

LED Household Lighting, LED Flood Lights, Par LED Bulbs, Replacement Lamp Bulbs

Shop by Color

Shop by Color for all Seasons


White Wedding Lights

LED Icicle Lights

Every Color you are looking for is here!

Ideal for Roof Lines, Uniform Drops and Spacing

Custom Colors

Custom C7 & C9 LED Light Strings



LED Rope Lighting

LED Rope Lighting

LED Christmas Shop and Wreths

LED Christmas Shop


christmas light sale

LED Lights On Sale


Energy Saving up to 98% on Power Consumption, Bright Brilliant Colors, Pro Grade Commercial LED for Trees in Windy and Icy areas. C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs, Par38 Flood Lights, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garland


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Forever LED Christmas Lights

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LED Christmas Lights, Christmas Light Bulbs - Commercial LED Christmas Lights, Christmas Shop, Wreaths, Garland and Trees